In addition to being a development centre, the facility hosts summer 3 on 3 games and tournaments throughout the year. We believe that if one gives others the tools to be successful, the potential of personal and physical growth is limitless.

Committed to providing a top quality program offering excellent services, while keeping rates reasonable.


The HDCentre is a not for profit entity designed to cater to aspiring hockey players and individual instructors. Hockey is a multifaceted sport that incorporates many disciplines. The HDCentre is a 12000 sq/ft facility offering an ice surface and other hockey specific dryland training including a skating treadmill, shooting range, video classroom, weights and yoga. 

The HDCentre offers an ice rink approximately 50’ x 100’ catered toward children ages 12 and under, but can be utilized by all. This is a smaller size compared to regular ice rinks and encourages the development of on ice hockey skills. The HDCentre has a distinct environment with a focus on player development through the use of training sessions, tournaments and camps. HDCentre’s goal is to make every individual become the best they can be and enjoy the road to personal accomplishment.

  • ​HDCentre has a focus and determination to be as ecofriendly as possible.

  • ​HDCentre provides a safe and economic centralized location for the variety of professionals that offer specialized Player Development services.

  • With the desperate lack of prime time ice space, the HDCentre also gives our instructors the opportunity to choose when they want to provide their services in our distinctly unique environment.


Our Integrated Hockey Development Program as a Delivery Alternative 


18 Easton Road, Brantford, Ontario N3P 1J5, Canada